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Scheduled Broadcasting:

Scheduled broadcasting takes place during times not assigned to other scheduled programs. Scheduled broadcasting consists of general music rotation.

From My Heart To Yours:  Thursdays 8PM EST

Join your host Caroline as she brings you ‘From My Heart to Yours’, a show dedicated to bringing life to you.  She will be discussing real life non-sugar coated issues that so many people face.  From parenting to spiritual and everything in between and outside the box, also touching on current news events and how they actually affect us.
From My Heart To Yours is about you and for you, with a question and answer segment at the end of every show.  So pull up a chair and get cozy as she explores the real side of life that’s often hidden.

Programming Disclaimer:

Broadcasters are responsible for the content of their scheduled programs. The views and opinions expressed therein may not reflect those of this station or its affiliates.