From My Heart To Yours

CarolineFrom My Heart To Yours, airing every Thursday at 8PM EST, is a show based on real life issues.
There will be times that the topics may be uncomfortable as they focus on the day to day life of people.
Life isn’t always pleasant and sadly we tend to sweep issues under the rug as opposed to looking at them.
Issues that may be discussed include abuse and addiction as Caroline has first hand experiences with how they can harm children and loved ones.
With a touch of class and heart felt truths she will lead you on a journey of self discovery and look at the real issues you care about and no one else wants to talk about.
From My Heart To Yours a show written for you and by you.

About Your Host:

Caroline was born in Randolph Vermont June 5, 1986.
Her childhood had a rough start as she made her way through various foster families; before being adopted and moving to Indiana at age 12.
Caroline now spends her time as a wife, mother and spiritual adviser. Her personal experiences with abusive relationships, childhood trauma and hardships, give her a real life take on many issues.
As a psychic medium she is able to help clients gain better perspectives into life and how to better themselves. She focuses on Life Coaching in her work and often incorporates many aspects into her ministry as an ordained minister.

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